Welcome to AVS4YOU Blog. Face to Face.

My online blog begins....after years of daily support work with hundreds of customer complains and thanks behind, at last I decided to meet with AVS4YOU users face to face in my blog. I have identified several major themes to talk about:
- Customers surveys and feedback - I wish to become a little bit closer to our users to understand their needs and emotions and make our service more user centered, as a well known programmer Jeff Atwood says in his book "In the art of software development, studying code isn't enough; you have to study the people behind the software, too." Thus I hope this blog may be popular among some of my loyal customers.
- Software changing - our developers regularly make updates that impact the usability and friendliness of AVS4YOU applications. I'd be grateful to receive feedback and provide professional guidance on the changes made.
- Support solutions - software industry is always changing and often it’s not easy to find information that’s specific and actionable. I'd like to help our user to be oriented in the service we provide: user video guides, online help, etc.

I'd like to design this blog around these themes, however this being shared, I would not stick strictly to them. If you have suggestions or topics you want me to write about on the blog you are most welcome to share them with me.

Anyhow, this is mostly just a “Hello, and Welcome” post, and soon there will be more real content here.


  1. Great product and services. Wishing you continued success

  2. my key activation says invalid

    1. Please contact AVS4YOU support team to resolve problem with activation: http://support.avs4you.com/login.aspx

  3. A bug just popped up in AVS Editor, videos take forever to cache and then will not play. As suggested, i uninstalled and reinstalled but it did not help. Please assist if possible thank you -Ron